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Method 5: Determination of particulate emissions from stationary sources

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The C-5000 Isokinetic Source Sampler

The intelligent, rugged and time-tested design of our C-5000 Series has provided years of reliable service for source sampling professionals worldwide. Our consoles are manufactured with only top quality components. The cabinet is designed with modular electrical and plumbing panels and easy-access front and rear removable doors. Dependable performance and long operating life is why this is the console of choice for source testing professionals who demand quality, reliability and easy maintenance accessibility. The Metric C-5100 Series Console is our most popular export model with all of the same features as the C-5000 Series. 220V/50Hz operation is available on all models.

Standard C-5000 Features:

Calibrated dry gas meter with 0.1 cu. ft. per revolution scale

Individually fused circuitry

Individual probe and oven analog solid-state temperature

Resettable elapsed digital timer

Dual 10" manometer with 1" incline and positive brass 
  shutoff valves

Modular electrical and plumbing panels

Backlit LCD temperature readout, easy to read in sunlight 
  or in dark

Secondary oil filter to protect the dry gas meter

7-station temperature selector switch

Lightweight yet sturdy 0.090" aluminum housing

Auxiliary thermocouple plug-in for handheld temperature

Removable front and rear access doors

Power, pump, timer, null solenoids and orsat pump switch

Powerful, leak-free rotary vane vacuum pump

4-pin amphenol power connector AND parallel 15 amp
   electrical outlets

NOTE: The C-5100 Console features metric scales on the manometer (0.1mm resolution), dry gas meter (0.01 liter resolution) and temperature readout (C). All other features are identical to the C-5000.

C-5000 & C-5100 Professional Options:

Stainless steel valves and
  quick connects (-S)

Orsat pump, rotameter, 
  valve and quick connect

Programmable, digital 
  solid-state probe and 
  oven temperature
  controllers (-F)

220V/50Hz operation (-V)




The P-0523-HS-SS fully enclosed rotary vane vacuum pump with stainless steel quick connects has been the workhorse of isokinetic source testing since the beginning. Our standard enclosed housing protects the pump from external conditions. Removable front and rear doors allow easy access for servicing. The 110cfm forced air fan produces more effective cooling than open-air operation. Our pumps are equipped with 6' vacuum hoses and nonreversible stainless steel or brass (part# P-0523-HS-BR) quick connects to eliminate the possibility of cross connection. Pumps are available for either 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz operation (add suffix -V for 220V/50Hz operation). Our open frame, welded aluminum housing provides a lightweight and low-cost option (P-0523-OF-SS for stainless steel quick connects, P-0523-OF-BR for brass quick connects).

Method 5 Console and Pump Shelf

The open frame pump housing is equipped with fasteners that allow the addition of our M5-CSHELF hangers to create a rail-mounted console and pump shelf. The fastening points of the open frame pump housing are height adjustable and each fastener is connected to a chain tether to prevent loss. The shelf may be used to hold the console top and the pump, or the lower shelf may be used to hold tools, clipboard and/or other accessories.



All ESC console and dry gas meter calibration services conform to EPA Method 5 calibration criterion. Dry gas meter calibrations are performed on all outgoing ESC metering consoles. We offer 5 point pre-test, 3 point post-test and secondary reference meter calibration services. 

CAL-M5-15   15 point calibration of secondary reference meter.
CAL-M5-5     5 point pre-test dry gas meter calibration
CAL-M5-3     3 point post-test dry gas meter calibration

Dry Gas Meters

ESC carries a full line of replacement dry gas meters. Standard models include S-110, S-200 and S-275 with English or Metric scales. Secondary reference meters are also available with thermocouple, hose and quick connect for hooking to the metering console.

CO-QC8-SS-SET Calibration Orifice Set

ESC stainless steel critical orifices for dry gas meter calibration are calibrated according to EPA Method 5 protocols and are considered a calibration standard for calibrating a Method 5 dry gas meter. A calibration can be performed in minutes at the test location to ensure method compliance and maintain the integrity of the sampling runs. Each set contains 5 calibrated orifices in the 10 to 34 LPM nominal flow range mounted on a 1/2" quick-connect stem, an orifice calibration report, a calibration spreadsheet diskette, a recording log and a foam-lined carrying case. The critical orifice set is also available in brass (CO-QC8-B-SET).

Isokinetic Sampling Calculation Tools

M5-SRN Slide Rule Nomograph

The M5-SRN is a manual slide rule nomograph for determining proper nozzle size and isokinetic sampling rate. The slide rule nomograph is available in English (M5-SRN) or metric (M5-SRN-M) units.

M5-PC-TI83 Isokinetic Stack Calculator

The M5-PC-TI83 is a preprogrammed scientific calculator nomograph that allows you to enter critical data and perform instantaneous isokinetic sampling calculations. The immediate refresh allows you to revise changing parameters and check each run for method compliance. A loop feature allows you to enter only the data that might change at each traverse point, so point by point isokinetic determinations are possible.

M5-SW Isokinetic Calculations Spreadsheet

The ESC Isokinetic Calculations Spreadsheet performs data reduction of test conditions information and critical data for integrated isokinetic source sampling. Worksheets with preprogrammed calculations are available in English (M5-SW) or Metric (M5-SW-M) versions.

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