CAL-2G-2V-A/B Method 2G Pitot Calibration

The CAL-2G-2V-A/B calibration service is for Method 2G S type pitot.  The two velocity service is typically performed at 60 fps. and 90 fps. Both A and B sides of the pitot are calibrated as well as the scribe line. It is calibrated to determine the Yaw Null off set. (click on image to enlarge)


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Velocity Range From 15 fps. to 100 fps.
Standard Method 2G Velocities are 60 fps. and 90 fps.
  (please call if requesting other velocities).
A & B Side is Calibrated for CP
Scribe Line Calibration is Included to Determine Yaw Null Offset
Calibration Comes With Report
Performed In-house on EPA Certified Wind Tunnel