CO-QC8-B-SET Brass Critical Orifice Set

The CO-QC8-B-SET of brass critical orifices for dry gas meter calibration are calibrated according to EPA Method 5 protocols and are considered a calibration standard for calibrating a Method 5 dry gas meter.  Each set contains 5 calibrated orifices in the 12 to 30 LPM nominal flow range mounted on a 1/2″ quick-connect stem, an orifice calibration report, a calibration spreadsheet diskette, a recording log, and a foam-lined carrying case. The critical orifice set is also available in stainless steel part # CO-QC8-SS-SET.  (click on image to enlarge)


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CO-QC8-SS-SET Stainless Steel Critical Orifice Set

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5 Brass Orifices with 1/2 in. Quick Connect Fittings
Includes Calibration and Certificate
Foam Lined Case


5 brass 1/2 inch quick connects
12 LPM Flow Rate
17 LPM Flow Rate
20 LPM Flow Rate
25 LPM Flow Rate
30 LPM Flow Rate

For different or low flow rates please call for custom designed orifices