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GSM-C40H Probe Mounted Glassware

The GSM-C40H miniature glassware set is for Method 30B and is designed to be used with the ESC HG-PR-C40H Probe Mounted Tray all conveniently attached to the probe handle. (click on image to enlarge)


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SSP-40-HGS Impinger Set (Stainless Steel)

The miniature glassware set features precision ground miniature impinger bottles, Teflon Coated Viton and Silicone O-rings, and the connecting 1/4 inch Teflon tubing.

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(6)   GP-607B      Pyrex Miniature Impinger Bottles
(6)   GP-607S-K-GL  Miniature Impinger Tops with GL 18 Caps and 1/4" Seal Rings
(6)   GP-107S      Silicone O-rings
(6)   GP-107-T     Viton Teflon Coated O-rings
(2)   XT-TEF-4-2  12 inch Straight Teflon Tubing
(2)   XT-TEF-4-2  12 inch Teflon Tubing with 180° bend
(2)   XT-TEF-4-2   9  inch  Teflon Tubing with 180° bend