HG-220 Manual Console, Method 30B

The Environmental Supply Company HG-220 Method 30B Manual Dual Mercury Sampler is the ideal choice for short-term dual sorbent trap monitoring of flue gas mercury. (click on image to enlarge)


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The HG-220 is designed for portability and ease of use to perform RATA sampling, CEM certification,  and diagnostic studies for mercury loss in air pollution control devices.  This sampler is housed in a rugged, portable case that can withstand the harshest testing environment, with a hinged front panel that allows easy access to internal components.  The long life, dual head diaphragm pumps are plumbed in parallel for increased flow capacity. The HG-220 also has integrated system safeguards for the protection of all internal components.

Dual Head Diaphragm pumps with 12v long-life brushless DC motors
2 Low Flow digital dry gas meters with resettable volume display, 1 cc resolution
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2 Solid acrylic flowmeters (0.2 - 4 lpm)
Weather-tight Pelican® case
Digital elapsed timer
Stainless steel1/4" quick connect inlets and 1/4" union outlets
Acid scrubbers on both inlets
Digital temperature display with 7 - channel switch
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