HGK-FPR-(XX)H Hastelloy Modular Flex Probe

The HGK-FPR-(06)H seen here is a 6 foot Hastelloy modular flex probe designed with a removable cartridge.  The cartridge slides into the port mounted portion of the probe and allows for an easy exchange of the cartridge that contains the sorbent traps, eliminating any unnecessary handling of the sorbent traps while at the stack. (click on image to enlarge)


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The PS-12B Modular Flex Probe features include:

2 Removable Cartridges
Built-in Port Mounting Flange and Heated Probe Box
Multi-sectional Handle, With Quick Connections for Ease of Attachment
Available in Different Standard Lengths
Probe Available in Stainless or Hastelloy

Cartridges accommodate 10mm traps up to 24" long
3 inch outside diameter Hastelloy probe sheath with attached welded port mounting bracket and probe heater box
Detachable handle with expandable 30" sections for up to 8 ' of length
2 Dual trap 29" cartridges (with thermocouple)

*Also available with a stainless steel probe sheath