HGK-R90D Automated Rack-mount Controller

The HGK-R90D CEM controller for appendix K of Part 75 Mercury emissions provides proven reliability in sorbent trap monitoring of flue gas mercury.

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The HGK-R90D Automated CEM Controller monitors mercury emissions from coal-fired sources as specified in PS12-B. The controller mounts in a standard 19’ rack and can be placed in the CEM shelter or in our HGK-PFI platform mounted enclosure,  Two independent flow channels are controlled in proportion to the CEM flow monitor automatically. The controller may be connected to a plant network for remote program control and data access.  MODBUS® protocol is utilized for real-time data transfer and alarming to the plant CEM DAHS.

2 Diaphragm pumps with long-life brushless DC motors
Dual solid acrylic flowmeter (0-1 lpm) for visual flow indication
Dual front panel vacuum gauges
Dual low flow dry gas meters with digital counters for real-time volume measurement
Automated controller
     8  16-bit analog inputs
     8   Analog outputs
     8  16-bit thermocouple inputs
     8   Counter inputs
RJ-45 connection for remote networking and CEM DAHS connectivity
Complete user access and control via remote computer
Proportional flow and data logging per Appendix K
Real-Time data transfer to CEM DAHS via MODBUS® protocol
Flow signal input via direct 4-20 mA or through MODBUS® from CEM DAHS
User configurable warning and critical alarms
Alarm output via direct connetion and/or MODBUS® to CEM DAHS
Inputs for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and process offline.