HH-(XXX)-6/4-K Heated Lines

The HH-(XXX)-6/4-K Heated Line for gas sampling typically contains two Teflon™ tubes and is built to your specifications. The tubes are 3/8″ (6) and 1/4″ (4) OD. The line is built to withstand demanding stack testing conditions and provide years of reliable service. Each ESC Heated Line has a firm but flexible stainless steel coil, Type K Thermocouple, heat shrink ends, and flexible skin. Specify the length of the line (XXX) and the OD size of tube(s) when ordering.  Typical lengths are 25′, 50′, and 100′. Custom lengths are available by special order.  (click on image to enlarge)


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The 50' (HH-050-6/4-K) and 100' (HH-100-6/4-K) stock long length heated sample lines are constructed with a constant wattage heater, heated 3/8" Teflon sample line with stainless steel over braid, unheated 1/4" calibration gas line,  fiberglass insulation and flexible polyurethane outer jacket. The Teflon lines are terminated with 3/8" and 1/4" stainless steel process tube stems.


a 3/8” and a ¼” line

type “K” thermocouple for CEM applications