M23-CK Method 23 Cleanup Kit

The M23-CK Cleanup and Recovery Kit include everything necessary for efficient sample recovery.  Each component of the kit is available separately. (click on image to enlarge)


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Complete Method 23 Cleanup Kit includes:

Glass funnels, polypropylene funnel, impinger brush, wash bottles,
three different sizes of brushes, and a Teflon™ probe brush.  Also included are a Teflon™ spatula and forceps. All of the tools are packed in a foam-lined carrying case with a tool tray to keep them organized for each cleanup.

Above parts are available individually

Qty  I  Part No.  I   Description

(2) M5-CK01   Glass Funnel
(1) M5-CK02   Polypropylene Funnel
(1) M5-CK03   Nylon Impinger Brush with Stainless Steel Handle
(2) M5-CK04   1-Liter Polypropylene Wash Bottle
(1) PRB-T8     1 5/8" Teflon™ Probe Brush on 15' of 1/4 x 1/8" Teflon™ Tubing included
(1) M23-CK11  500 ml Teflon™ Bottle
(1) M5-CK-NBSET   Nylon Nozzle Brush Set:
          (1) M5-CK06   1/2" Nozzle Brush
          (1) M5-CK15   3/16" Nozzle Brush
          (1) M5-CK16   5/16" Nozzle Brush
(1) M23-CK08   Teflon™ Coated Spatula
(1) M23-CK09   Teflon™ Coated Forceps
(1) M23-CK1224   12"x24" Teflon™ Sheet
(1) M5-CK12   Foam-Lined Carrying Case with Tool Tray

All of the above parts are sold separately