M5-CFB Compact Filter Box

The M5-CFB compact heated filter box is ideal for sampling in tightly constrained areas and is easily used at any traverse angle between horizontal and vertical. This versatile filter box is also equipped with a modular heat and electrical assembly. ESC carries a variety of outlet fittings that allow either direct connection of an umbilical cable or for passing a flexible Teflon™ line through the fitting for direct connection to the filter.


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Modular Heat and Electrical Assembly
Single Probe Support (stantard).
Compatible With Full Size ESC Impinger Boxes

Outlet Fittings Options:
     Direct Connect to Umbilical
     Teflon™ Line Pass Through for Direct Connection to Filter.

Outside Dimensions: 10"L x 8-3/4"W x 11-1/2"
Modular Heater 115v/700w
Stainless Steel Handle
Type K Thermocouple Female Socket
Probe support extends 7-1/2" from front


M5-CFB-V      Compact Filter Box / 240v/800w