Method 8A (SO3) Controlled Condensate Sampling System – NCASI

Method 8A – NCASI is the determination of sulfuric acid vapor or mist, and sulfur dioxide SO3 emissions from kraft recovery furnaces. The ESC Controlled condensate system utilizes a high temperature oven to house a thimble filter holder followed by a heated coil condenser to achieve separation of sulfuric acid vapor or mist (including sulfur trioxide) and sulfur dioxide. (click on image to enlarge)


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6' Quartz Heated Probe Liner
Heated Filter Box (up to 500°)
Single Station Digital Temperature Controller
Quartz Thimble Holder
13” Condenser
6” Inconnel Thermocouple Assembly
15 ft.Jumper Cable
Uses 30mm x 100mm Quartz Thimble Media

System Components

Qty. Part # Description
1 CCS-PRA-Q06  6 foot effective length quartz probe with heated liner 
1 PRL-Q06  6 foot effective length quartz probe liner with ball joint and O-ring 
1 CCS-HB  Heated filter box (up to 500°) 
1 CCS-WRS  Heated water recirculation system 
1 M5-DC-1  Single station digital temperature controller 
1 GP-CCS-101  Quartz thimble holder with a # 28 in and out  (2 recommended) 
1 GP-CCS-102-NF  13” Condenser with a #28 in and out (no frit)  (2 recommended)
1 GP-CCS-103  Pyrex “T” adapter 3/8” to ¼” (2 recommended) 
1 PPIT-Y-06  6” Inconel  thermocouple assembly 
1 CCS-P4T3-15 15 ft. jumper cable with a 4 pin Amphenol and three thermocouples
1 PRI-T-Q30100 Quartz Thimble style filter, box of 25 (30mm x100mm)

All above parts sold separately