TWS-375 PFA Telfonware Set (Method 0061)

The PFA 375ml. Teflonware set is primarily used in Method 0061 because of their unique properties. The EPA has specified that Teflon be used in specific methods. Environmental Supply has a large stock of Teflon fittings for Method 0061 and each item in the set can be purchased separately. (click on image to enlarge)


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Teflon is inert and non-reactive to certain materials
EPA specified for Method 0061 determination of Hexavalent Chromium

Qty Part # Description
1 TW-375VM PFA Impinger Bottle, ¼” Bottom Port
4 TW-375V PFA Impinger Bottle, 375ml, Cap w/ Two 1/2" Ports
5 TW-375C PFA Impinger Cap for two 1/2" Ports
1 TW-375W Wrench set for 375ml Impinger (2 wrenches)
2 TW-LF16 PFA Inlet Elbow, 1/2", Full Depth
4 TW-U16 PFA "J" Tube, 1/2", Full Length 180°
2 GPT-B28-08 PFA "L" Tube, 1/2", Full Length
2 TW-O16-2.3 PFA Orifice Insert, 2.3mm, For 1/2" Tube