GPBO-3C 3″ Professional Glassware Set with Case

The GPBO-3C is a professional glassware set and transport case that provides two complete trains of glassware for the Method 5 sampling train plus additional back up replacement glassware.  (click on image to enlarge)


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GPBO-4C 4″ Professional Glassware Set / Case

GSBO-3 Glassware Set with 3″ Filter Assembly

Two sets of glassware for Method 5
Additional 3" filter assembly, enough for 4 runs
Firm foam inside to guard against breakage
Hard shell shipping case with corners of reinforced steel.
Lockable transport case
Pinch Clamps and O-rings included

Qty. Part # Description
4 GP-101 Cyclone Bypass
4 GFA-3T 3" (82.6mm) Filter Assembly with PTFE Teflon Frit
4 GP-103 Double L Connector
3 GP-104 Greenburg Smith Impinger (with orifice), Stem & Bottle
7 GP-105 Modified Impinger (without orifice), Stem & Bottle
8 GP-106 U-tube Connector
25 GP-109 #28 Stainless Steel Ball Joint Clamp
28 GP-107-S Silicone O-ring for #28 Ball
28 GP-107-T Teflon Coated Viton O-ring for #28 Ball
10 GP-108-S Silicone O-ring for Stem-to-Bottle Impinger Taper
10 GP-108-T Teflon Coated Viton O-ring for Stem-to-Bottle Impinger Taper
1 GP-TC5 Method 5 Glassware Transport Case