Mercury Systems

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Method 30B & PS12-B Applications

The EPA is in the process of enacting new regulations for Mercury that will require testers and mercury emitting sites to constantly monitor emissions starting in 2015.

The Environmental Supply Company family of sorbent trap samplers are designed for sampling mercury emissions from coal-fired sources as specified in the new PS12-B specifications and Method 30B.  The HG-324K automated sampler may be connected to a plant network through Wi-Fi or direct connection to allow program control and remote data access.  Per PS12-B and the new Method 30B, dual independent flow channels are included with proportional flow control based on the CEM flow monitor or an installed pitot.  Our automated Platform Integrated solutions have already been field tested and approved as reliable apparatus for Mercury monitoring.  Envionmental Supply has developed innovative solutions for all of your Mercury monitoring needs.

Complete systems include a dual heated probe assembly, heated sample lines, dual condenser system, and connecting umbilical. Turnkey systems or portable mercury sampling consoles, probes, and condensing systems are available from Environmental Supply Company to provide an efficient mercury sampling solution. 


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