Wind Tunnel Calibration Services

ESC provides wind tunnel calibration services for a variety of probes at various flow conditions. ESC’s onsite wind tunnel is certified to the requirements stated in Method 2F for calibration of three-dimensional probes. The typical three-dimensional probe calibration is performed at 60 and 90 feet per second velocities while moving the probe through simulated pitch angles. Calibration at a third velocity can be performed to improve the calibration data for lower test velocities. All probe calibrations are performed using electronic pressure transducers and computer data acquisition to obtain the best representation of probe pressures. One Method 2F and two Method 2H calculation spreadsheets are included with each ESC 3D wind tunnel calibration.

Pitot Calibration

**The ESC wind tunnel has been regularly audited by the EPA for accuracy and compliance, specifically for 3D Pitot, and or “S” type calibrations.

Other Calibration Services Include

Dry Gas Meters
Critical Orifices