Company Profile

Environmental Supply Company (ESC) manufactures source-testing equipment that is designed to fulfill the technical and operational requirements specified by the U.S. EPA in the Stationary Source Testing Methods. We specialize in the design and manufacture of unique equipment and custom systems to fulfill special applications.

Our systems are in use around the world and are relied upon by the largest and most successful source-testing companies. ESC designs its systems for reliability, ease of use, and long operational life. We continually evaluate the performance and efficacy of each system and are dedicated to engineering modifications and new designs that provide more efficient solutions to our valued customers.

Executive Management

Our staff has extensive individual and combined experience in the environmental source sampling industry. They are accomplished in the design and manufacturing of portable and reliable equipment and systems for source sampling professionals worldwide.

Lew Ballard, Ph.D., P.E., Director

Dr. Ballard received his PH.D. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University. He also has his degree in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University. As a scientist at the Research Triangle Institute for 15 years, he conducted research in air pollution test instrumentation for the EPA. In 1973, Dr. Ballard founded Nutech Corporation, which became the dominant supplier in the U.S. of EPA Method 5 related isokinetic source sampling equipment and GC-MS related methods such as VOST, TO-1, TO-12 and TO-14. In early 1995, Dr. Ballard formed Environmental Supply Company and continues to develop innovative systems to meet the stack testing challenges of today.

David Hendricks, President

Mr. Hendricks has a Mechanical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University and was brought to ESC as a founding member for his engineering, management, and administrative skills. Previously he was a project engineer in the nuclear program at Westinghouse and worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. He is committed to positioning the company for maximum responsiveness to provide innovative equipment design, inventory and service.

David Ballard, Manufacturing Manager

Mr. Ballard has worked for ESC since its inception. Prior to ESC, he was the manufacturing manager for Nutech Corporation for eight years. With his manufacturing experience and resourceful design and problem-solving skills, ESC is able to rapidly respond with source sampling solutions to satisfy the requirements of almost any application encountered by our customers.

Chris Dale, Sales & Marketing Manager

Mr. Dale has worked with ESC since its inception. Prior to ESC, he worked in sales and marketing for Nutech Corporation. Mr. Dale has extensive experience in manufacturing, technical sales and business administration. He provides the highest quality customer service in the form of sales information, system configuration, and guidance for logistics for on-time delivery of quality equipment, satisfying the needs of source sampling professionals worldwide.