HG-324K Automatic Console

The HG-324K automated and portable console is your best choice for monitoring CEM uses an industrial data acquisition and control system with removable CompactFlashmemory card for storing data files. (click on image to enlarge)


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The HG-324K may be connected to a plant network through Wi-Fi or direct connection to allow program control and remote data access.  Dual independent flow channels are included with proportional flow control based on the CEM flow monitor or an installed pitot.

Dual Front Panel Flowmeters,  0-1 lpm
Dual Front panel Vaccuum Gauges, 0-30 in. Hg
Dual Low Flow Dry Gas Meters With Digital Counters
Dual Zone Temperature Controller
8 16 bit Analog Inputs
8 Analog Outputs (0-10VDC)
8 16 bit Thermocouple Inputs
8 Counter Inputs
1/4" Stainless Steel Quick Connects
Removable Compact Flash™ Memory Card
Removable  Cartridge Type Acid Gas Sorbent
Wi-Fi Router
Custom Software
     Quick Setup
     Real-time Feedback
     Streamlines Transducer Calibration Process
Proportional Flow Control by 4-20 mA Signal from CEM Flow Monitor or dP from Pitot