Mag-2(XXX) Magnehelic Gauges

The MAG-2(XXX) Magnehelic Gauge for high accuracy when measuring differential pressure within 2% is the industry standard.   The design resists shock, vibration, and over-pressures. See the specifications tab for the available model that will meet your specific flow requirements. (click on image to enlarge)


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Part #

MAG-200-00              0-0.25" H20
MAG-2000-06MM      0-6mm H20
MAG-2000-50CM      0-50cm H20
MAG-2000-50MM     0-50mm H20
MAG-2001                0-1" H20
MAG-2002                0-2" H20
MAG-2005                0-5" H20
MAG-2006                0-6" H20
MAG-2010                0-10" H20
MAG-2015                0-15" H20
MAG-2025                0-25" H20
MAG-2030                0-30" H20
MAG-2060                0-60" H20
MAG-2150                0-150" H20
MAG-2301                +/- 0.5" H20
MAG-2302                +/- 1" H20
MAG-2306                +/- 3" H20
MAG-2310                +/- 5" H20
MAG-2320                +/- 10" H20