V-S1 Single VOST Sampling Assembly

The V-S1 Single VOST (Volatile Organic Sampling Train) Sampling Assembly is used in conjunction with the UNI-VOS-ACD Low Flow Console (not included) to perform Methods 0030, 0031, and 0040. The Volatile organic compounds in the sample are passed through a Pyrex coil condenser followed by cartridges with adsorbent material.   The V-S1 system uses a single glassware set.  (click on image to enlarge)


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Component Parts Include:

Vost Sample Caddie
3’ Heated Pyrex Probe Assembly (for Vost)
3’ Effective length Pyrex Probe Liner, 8mm with Cup (2 included)
Single Glassware Set
25" Low Flow Umbilical w/Connector Box
Coolant Recirculating Pump
4 Impinger Cold Box

See specifications for quantities and description

Qty. Part# Description
1 V-SC VOST Sample Caddy
1 PRAM-P03-08M 3' Pyrex Heated Probe Assembly
2 PRLM-P03-08M 3' Pyrex Liner w/cup & 8mm End
1 GS-V1 Single VOST Glassware Set *
1 UC-LF-025 25' Low Flow Umbilical
1 M23-RC 115V Submersible Pump
1 M5-CB04 4-Impinger Cold Box
1 JB-15 Junction Box w/4 Pin Amphenol & 3 Receptacles

 *Go To GS-V1 for Glassware Set Description
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