C-5000 Console

The intelligent, rugged, and time-tested design of our C-5000 Series for Method 5 sampling, has provided years of reliable service for source sampling professionals worldwide. Our consoles are manufactured with only top quality components including brass quick connects, standard. Dependable performance and long operating life is why this is the console of choice for source testing professionals who demand quality, reliability and easy maintenance accessibility. The C-5000 series comes with many options outlined in the specifications section below.  The metric C-5100 Series Console is our most popular export model with all of the same features as the C-5000 Series. 220V/50Hz operation is available on all models. (click on image to enlarge)


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Manometer: 10" Dual Inclined w/ 1" Incline & Brass Shutoff Valves
Brass Valves: 1/2" QC Sample Inlet
Pitot Inlets: 3/8" QC, 1/4" QC Orsat Inlet & Pump Connections
Power: 110v/60Hz (optional 220V 50/60Hz)
Temperature Controllers: Digital Solid State
Dry Gas Meter: Calibrated S-275 direct reading index with 0.10cfm
Vacuum Gauge: 0-30” HG range
Cabinet: 0.090 Welded Aluminum
Dimensions: 22” H x 18.25” W x 11.5” Deep
Weight: 51 lb.

(All C-5000 and C-5100 original consoles come with digital solid state temp controllers, brass valves and quick connects and are configured for 110 volts)


  • S = Stainless Steel valves and quick connects part # C-5000-S
  • O = Orsat pump with Valve, Rotameter and Fittings part # C-5000-O
  • V = 220 Volt configuration part # C-5000-V
  • D = Digital Dry Gas Meter part # C-5000-D
  • C-5000-D = Original Isokinetic Console with Digital Dry Gas Meter
  • C-5000- (and S, O, D,or V, or any combination of above options)
  • C-5000-D = Original Isokinetic Console with Digital Dry Gas Meter
  • C-5100-M = Metric Scales, Meters, and Timers
  • C-5100- (and SOV, or any combination of above options)