M30B-S1 Mercury Sampling System

The 30B-S1 turnkey system for Mercury Method 30B testing comes with the HG-220 portable manual console and is designed to meet rugged field standards applicable for mercury sampling procedures. (click on image to enlarge)


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The System features a portable manual console, 6 foot dual sorbent trap probe, port adapter, 25" umbilical, glass set, and sorbent trap shields for added protection.

Qty. Part # Description
1 HG-220 Portable Manual Dual Mercury Sampler
1 M324-PR-D06 6' x 2" (OD) Dual Stainless Steel Probe
1 PA-UP2T Stainless Steel Universal Port Flange, 2"
1 UC-025-HG 25' Umbilical for Mercury Systems
1 GSM-C40H Condensing Glassware Set
1 HG-PR-C40H Probe Mounted Condensing Tray & Handle
6 M324K-F10MT 10mm Teflon Coated Glass Ferrules
2 M324K-N10S 10mm Stainless Steel Sorbent Trap Shield

* All of the above parts can be purchased separately.