M5-UA-X Umbilical Adapter

The M5-UA-X Umbilical Adapter fits securely in the Slide Block Adapter located on the impinger cold box.  All of the Environmental Supply umbilical adapters are stainless steel construction with Type K thermocouples. (click on image to enlarge)


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Umbilical adapters, also known as shower heads or goose-necks, have a #28 socket, thermocouple, 1/2" sample line male quick connect and support arm that inserts in the impinger box slide bracket. Our (M5-UA-X) Umbilical Adapter comes without a check valve but is also available with a one way check valve in part # (M5-UA).

Stainless Steel Tube Construction
#28 Socket
Type K Male Thermocouple
Brass 1/2" Sample Line Male Quick Connect
Welded Slide Block Clamp & Bracket