M5-A-S2 (Professional)

The M5-A-S2 Professional Auto Isokinetic system is designed with continuous auto data logging capabilities and uses a Venturi to monitor and signal pressure adjustments automatically.  The heart of the system is the A-2000 console and utilizes field tested probe assemblies, liners, and sample cases already in use by testers.  The M5-A-S2 system employs a Carbon Vane Oiless Pump and comes with additional calibration equipment, and cases for added protection during transport.  The Auto Isokinetic M5-S1 system reduces manpower and operator error while expediting reporting. (click image to enlarge)


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Qty.       Part #               Description

(1)  A-2000                   Automatic Data Logging Console
(1)  A-2000-PC             PC Compatible Laptop With Custom Software
(1)  P0523-101Q          Enclosed Housing Pump with Stainless Quick Connects
(1)  M5-PTC                 Pump Transport Case
(1)  M5-CTC                 Console Transport Case
(1)  M5-SC6                 Modular Sample Case, Hot Box and 6 Impinger Cold Box
(1)  PRA-S5                  Heated Stainless Steel LIned Probe Assembly, 5' Effective
(2)  PRL-P5                  Pyrex Probe Liner, 5' Effective, #28 Ball With O-Ring
(1)  US-25-A                 Umbilical Cable 25' with Additional Pressure Lines
(1)  M5-UA-A                Umbilical Adapter With Venturi
(1)  PRNS-S                 Stainless Steel Nozzle Set, 7 sizes 1/8" - 1/2"
(1)  GPBO-3C               Professional Glassware Set with Transport Case
(1)  GF3-107                 Glass Fiber Filters, Box of 100
(1)  M5-CK7                  Probe Brush
(4)  M5-CK5                  Probe Brush Extension Rod, (18")
(2)  M5-SRS-5              Suspension Rail System

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